471 William Connor - 1911 - Framed Pencil Drawing - Man with Stein

This is a Willaim Connor (1881-1968) pencil drawing dated 1911. It is a study of a man with stein and in typical Connor fashion, he captures the pensive moment of this everyday scene with wonderful detail. William Conor OBE RHA RUA ROI was a Belfast-born artist. Celebrated for his warm and sympathetic portrayals of working-class life in Ulster, William Conor studied at the Government School of Design in Belfast in the 1890s. This drawing is framed and it was located it in Northern Ireland and was never traded. Lovely Connor piece this and fairly priced. Signed upper left and condition is good.

Painting Dimensions, Height 8" (20cm) Width 5.75" (14.5cm)

Frame Dimensions, Height 20.5" (52cm) Width 16.25" (41.5cm)