357 Rare and Superb Vintage Engraving - Cupid and Psyche - John Gibson

This is a superb and crisply detailed Framed Engraving from the bas relief of Cupid and Psyche by John Gibson (1790-1866). The original was done for The Queen by Gibson and is in The Royal Collection. The fable of Cupid and Psyche, related by Apuleius, has often afforded subjects for our Artists and Poets. The poem by Mrs Tighe (Irish Lady) who died in 1810 captures the brilliancy and richness of the fable superbly and the poem did not go unnoticed by Gibson. Cupid and Psyche were often sculpted separately so Gibson who was definitely influenced by Mrs. Tighe's poem decided to place the figure of Psyche in a graceful pose and the arrangement of the two figures is very harmonious.The placing of architectural detail behind the figures enhances the perspective and gives great depth to the image.

Frame Height 23.5" (60cm) Width 27.5" (70cm)     €595