256 Cecil Kennedy (1905-1997) - Oil on Canvas - 'Mixed Flowers Uvongo Natal' 1974

Cecil Kennedy (1905-1997) Oil on Canvas 1974 'Mixed Flowers Uvongo' Natal South Africa

Cecil Kennedy was a painter in oils who specialised in floral still life and became one of the top British flower painters of his time. After training at art school, Kennedy studied under Nieco Jungmann. He also studied in Antwerp and Paris and was awarded a silver medal at the Paris Salon in 1956 and a gold medal in 1970. His carefully delineated flower paintings have been likened to those of the Dutch 17th Century Masters in execution and detail. Kennedy has held exhibitions in London, Paris, New York and Johannesburg and exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy, The Royal Hibernian and the Royal Scottish Academy.


This Painting 'Mixed Flowers Uvongo' was painted in Natal South Africa and is signed and dated lower right. It is a superb example of his ork and Kennedy's painting are very sought after and achive high prices at Auction.  Adams Dublin  Christies London

Canvas Dimensions, Height 16"(41cm) Width (48cm)  €12500