255 Edwin H Boddington (1836-1905) - At Days End - Oil on canvas

This is a really beautiful Painting by Edwin Henry Boddington Williams (1836-1905) - 'At Days End' - Oil on Canvas. The painting is very atmospheric and richly framed. He was born in Islington, London and the son of the well-known landscape painter Henry John Boddington (born Williams). He learned to paint from his father. Boddington exhibited at the Royal Academy (11 works), the British Institution (25 works), and Suffolk Street (45 works). He painted mainly views on the Thames River that are illuminated either by sunset or moonlight. This is possibly a collaboration with William Shayer (1787-1879) - A similar collaboration was sold at Christies, London CLICK HERE to view 

Painting Dimensions Width 22" (56cm) Height 12" (30.5cm)   €3250