669 Sold Grand Tour Pietra Dura Italian Ormolu Picture Photo Frame Still Life Flowers

Grand Tour Ormolu Bronze and Pietra Dura Highly Decorative Framed Oval Form Plaque, of exceptional quality and Italian origin, opening to reveal a similar form Photo Frame, complete with original very ornate Ormolu Bronze framed easel with Greek Key detailing, early to mid-Nineteenth Century. 

The Plaque is finely inlaid depicting Still Life of Flowers, to include a white Summer Rose and a Lilly on a leafy branch on a black onyx ground. 

Condition: Good condition, with no losses. The inner ormolu picture frame is glazed as is the marble plaque. The support at back is a little loose otherwise in superb untouched condition.  

Width: (at base of frame) 6" (15.75cm). Height: (entire including frame) 10” (25.5cm).  

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